A Comprehensive Parents’ Guide To Safeguard your child’s future with us - PFEC

A Comprehensive
Parents’ Guide

To Safeguard your child’s future with us

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A Comprehensive Parents’ Guide To Safeguard your child’s future with us 9 Months ago

Parents of Indian students aspiring to study abroad might have myriad questions and concerns regarding the entire process, the prospects, and the challenges that might come their way.

PFEC Global is a conduit for Indian parents and their children who harbour aspirations to venture into higher studies in notable educational institutions across the world—Australia, the UK, Ireland, the USA, and Canada.

Here are some common questions and thoughts likely to be pondering in your minds:

A. General

  1. What advantages does an international degree offer to our child?
  2. When to Begin the Application Process for Studying Abroad?
  3. How can I support my child's journey?

B. Academic Concerns:

  1. Which countries offer the best education in our field of interest?
  2. How do we choose the right university and course for our child?
  3. What are the language proficiency requirements, and how can we meet them?
  4. How can we ensure the chosen program will offer good career prospects?

C. Financial Queries:

  1. How will we finance the education, and what will be the total cost including tuition, accommodation, and other living expenses?
  2. Are there any scholarships or financial aid available for international students, and how can we apply for them?
  3. What are the available options for education loans, and what will be the repayment terms?

D. Safety and Well-being:

  1. Is the chosen country safe for international students, especially from India?
  2. How can we ensure our child’s well-being and mental health while they are abroad?
  3. What healthcare facilities and services are available for international students?

E. Visa and Immigration:

  1. What is the process to apply for a student visa, and what are the requirements?
  2. What are the chances of obtaining a visa?
  3. Can our child work part-time during their studies, and what are the rules and regulations regarding this?

F. Career and Future Prospects:

  1. What are the job opportunities available after completing the course?
  2. How will international education enhance our child’s career prospects in India if they decide to return?

G. Accommodation and Lifestyle:

  1. What are the accommodation options available, and how can we secure good accommodation for our child?
  2. How is the lifestyle and culture in the chosen country, and how can our child adapt to it?
  3. Will our child be able to manage their daily chores, studies, and work?

H. Cultural Integration and Social Life:

  1. How can our child integrate into a new culture and make new friends?
  2. Will there be any cultural shock, and how can our child cope with it?
  3. Are there any Indian communities or organizations that our child can join?

I. Long-term ROI:

  1. Will the return on investment be worthwhile in terms of career advancement and financial stability?
  2. How does international exposure contribute to personal growth and development?
  3. What are the long-term benefits of international education for our child’s future?

J. Legal Rights and Obligations:

  1. What are our child’s rights as an international student?
  2. What are the legal obligations that our child needs to adhere to while studying and possibly working in the chosen country?

K. Emergency Preparedness:

  1. What should our child do in case of an emergency or unforeseen situation?
  2. How can we stay connected and support our child from India during such situations?


PFEC Global remains committed to empowering Indian parents in this transformative journey, aiding them in sculpting educational pathways that resonate with their child’s aspirations, potentials, and the evolving global landscape, ensuring a harmonious fusion of academic excellence, personal growth, and global perspectives.

Contact us today, to shape your child’s tomorrow.