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We are the best abroad study consultancy in Ahmedabad to help thousands of students realize their dream of studying in top overseas destinations. Our outstanding overseas education consultants in Ahmedabad offer customized services to each student to help them pursue their passion for studying abroad.


Forbes ranked Ahmedabad third on the list of fastest-growing cities of the decade, and the Times of India ranks it as the best city to live in India. Ahmedabad is also the Manchester of India and the most important industrial and economic hub in India. In recent years, the increased quality of life has also raised the aim of students to study abroad. Even in the current academic year, over half a million students wrote the higher secondary exams, of which thousands may want to pursue higher education in the top destinations. It may be for management studies to become entrepreneurs, nursing studies to have a better living, or an MS in computer science and to become highly paid engineers, among others. We, as the most trusted abroad consultancy in Ahmedabad, help students achieve their aims easily and quickly at competitive costs.


It is not without reasons that we are the top overseas consultancy in Ahmedabad, as we have earned the trust of thousands of students, sending them abroad to pursue higher education. Since 2006, we have been a study abroad consultant in Ahmedabad, and we have an offline office to provide person-to-person solutions to many students' challenges in achieving their educational goals. Our expert education consultants in Ahmedabad have one-to-one discussions with the students and their parents to learn their needs and fulfill them successfully. It is why thousands of students consider us the best overseas consultancy in Ahmedabad.


Seven Benefits of Hiring Our Foreign Education Consultants in Ahmedabad, India


1. Globalization and digitalization in recent years have enabled students anywhere in the world to study in the top universities easily and quickly. Unlike before, only a few can have the opportunity to become great people; now, millions in India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh pursue their passionate studies abroad. Ahmedabad is one of the wealthiest cities, with Gujarat being the model for Indian development; many students here want to study overseas. Since we are the best study abroad consultants in Ahmedabad, many rely on our expert and personalized services to make their dreams come true. Check out the many benefits of hiring our expert and experienced foreign education consultants in Ahmedabad at competitive costs but with no compromise on the high quality of service to realize the abroad study dreams easily and quickly.


2. Not only students but also their parents can clear their doubts and get answers to their queries in person from our expert education consultants in Ahmedabad with enough experience to make their abroad study dream a reality


3. With over 17 years of experience in providing career counseling, we know all the challenges that are deserving students have done hard work and want to pursue higher education to provide the right solutions to achieve their aims


4. Our abroad education consultants in Ahmedabad, with a network of over 550 top instructions in the top educational destinations in the world, help in their admission process to avoid errors and also to write the proper resume, get the correct LOR or letter of recommendation, prepare the SOP or study of purpose and others to get admission without delays


5. We provide round-the-clock assistance for students to clear their doubts as we operate in four time zones worldwide with offices not only in Ahmedabad and Kolkata in India but also in three cities in Australia apart from those in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh


7. Our pride in sending over 20,000 students abroad to study in the top education destinations also motivates us to strive hard and be updated on the new developments to service thousands of students in Ahmedabad to make their study abroad dream a reality


8. Our best foreign education consultants in Ahmedabad have enough experience to choose the many new courses in data science, data analytics, management studies, and others to choose the right one as per the student's passion and need to have a promising career


7. We have an array of expert abroad education consultants in Ahmedabad to make us proud to have over 96 visa grant rates, over 92% of students to get scholarships, and with 0 complaints in our entire 17 years of unrelenting service


Contact our best overseas education consultants in Ahmedabad to know more benefits of hiring our foreign study consultancy in Ahmedabad to have expert career counseling, shortlisting of courses, universities, institutions, and colleges in the top education destinations like the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and Ireland at competitive costs but with superior quality of service round the clock personalized to fulfill the unique needs and overcoming the challenges to make the students dream of studying abroad a reality.