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  • The dedicated guide assigned to me was none other than Abeer Ghosh, whose invaluable support led me to secure a coveted spot at a prestigious Australian university. Abeer's timely and expert advice ensured that all our requirements were met seamlessly. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to PFEC Global and Abeer Ghosh for their unwavering assistance that made this entire journey a resounding success for me.
    Ayesha Majumdar
    Swinburne University
  • PFEC Global delivered exceptional service that truly stands out. Despite facing two prior rejections in Canada, PFEC Global stepped in, championed my cause, and remained steadfastly by my side during my Australian student visa application process. My gratitude knows no bounds for the unwavering support they extended precisely when I needed it most. A heartfelt shout-out to Priyam Sir and Abeer Sir for their invaluable contributions. Wishing the entire team the very best of luck ahead.
    Rizwan Khan
    Edith Cowan University
  • PFEC Global has been nothing short of amazing in their services. PFEC Global became my unwavering support system throughout my journey to secure an Australian student visa. My gratitude knows no bounds for the incredible assistance they provided during my time of need. A heartfelt shoutout to Abeer Sir and Priyam Sir for their exceptional contributions. I wholeheartedly wish them the very best.
    Shantanu Chakraborty
    Swinburne University

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