Is the chosen country safe for international students, especially from India? - PFEC

Is the chosen country safe
for international students,
especially from India?

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Is the chosen country safe for international students, especially from India? 9 Months ago

Ensuring Safe Futures: Evaluating Safety for Indian Students Abroad

For Indian parents contemplating sending their children to Australia, USA, UK, Ireland, or Canada, the safety of the chosen country is a paramount consideration. It’s crucial to explore the safety landscape of these countries to make informed, assured decisions.

1. Safety Insights by Country:


  • Safety Ranking: Australia ranks high on safety, known for its low crime rate and stringent law enforcement.
  • Student Support: Universities in Australia offer various support services for international students, including counselling and 24/7 helplines.
  • Community Connection: A considerable Indian community in Australia can offer a sense of belonging and support to Indian students.


  • Campus Safety: US universities invest significantly in campus safety, with dedicated campus police, emergency response systems, and safety awareness programs.
  • Community Vigilance: The presence of a large Indian community can be reassuring, providing support and guidance.
  • Legal Protection: Strict laws and legal protections are in place for international students.


  • Safety Measures: The UK, with its robust law enforcement and low crime rates, is generally safe for international students.
  • Supportive Environment: Universities provide comprehensive support services, including counselling and safety advice.
  • Indian Community: A substantial Indian population in the UK can help in smooth cultural transitions and provide a support network.


  • Safety Standards: Ireland is known for its friendly populace and low crime rates, offering a safe environment for international students.
  • University Support: Irish universities prioritize student welfare, offering various support services and safety advisories.
  • Community Connection: The growing Indian community in Ireland can offer support and a sense of camaraderie to Indian students.


  • Safety Ranking: Canada is renowned for its high safety standards, low crime rates, and friendly locals.
  • Student Welfare: Canadian universities offer extensive support services, including mental health resources and safety advisories.
  • Indian Diaspora: A significant Indian diaspora in Canada can provide a familiar cultural environment and support network for Indian students.
Seeking Reliable Information

2. Seeking Reliable Information:

  • Government Advisories: Regularly check travel advisories issued by the Indian government and the host country for updated safety information.
  • University Resources: Leverage the resources and support services provided by the university to stay informed and safe.
  • Community Interaction: Engage with the local Indian community for support, guidance, and a sense of community.

3. Collaborating with PFEC Global for Safety Assurance:

Navigating through the safety aspects of studying abroad can be overwhelming, but with PFEC Global, Indian parents and students can find reliable information, support, and peace of mind.

Why PFEC Global?

  • Informed Guidance: PFEC Global provides accurate and reliable information on the safety conditions in the host countries.
  • Holistic Support: From understanding safety protocols to accessing support services, PFEC Global offers extensive support throughout the journey.
  • Expert Advice: PFEC Global’s experienced counsellors offer valuable advice and insights on safety measures, legal protections, and support networks available.
  • Customized Solutions: Understanding individual concerns and needs, PFEC Global provides personalized guidance and support, ensuring peace of mind for parents and students.


The safety of Indian students in foreign lands is a priority for every parent contemplating international education. With countries like Australia, USA, UK, Ireland, and Canada having robust safety mechanisms and supportive environments, Indian parents can find reassurance.

By consulting PFEC Global, parents are not merely seeking safety assurances; they are crafting secure, thriving futures for their children in a world of endless possibilities.