How can we ensure our
child’s well-being and
mental health while
they are abroad?

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How can we ensure our child’s well-being and mental health while they are abroad? 4 Months ago

Fostering Well-being: A Comprehensive Guide for Indian Parents on Ensuring Mental Health of Students Abroad

Sending their children to study in countries like Australia, USA, UK, Ireland, and Canada is a momentous decision for Indian parents. While educational prosperity is paramount, the well-being and mental health of their children while abroad is equally crucial.

Here’s a meticulous guide to understanding how parents can ensure the mental health and well-being of their children studying abroad.

1. Addressing Well-being by Country:


  • Counselling Services: Australian universities prioritize student mental health, offering counselling services, mental health workshops, and well-being programs.
  • Health Insurance: Comprehensive health insurance plans are available, covering mental health services.
  • Supportive Community: The large Indian community and numerous Indian student organizations can provide a support network and a sense of belonging.


  • Mental Health Resources: US universities provide mental health counselling, stress management resources, and well-being initiatives.
  • Insurance Coverage: Mental health services are usually covered under student health insurance plans.
  • Community Connection: The extensive Indian diaspora can offer support, guidance, and a familiar cultural environment.


  • Well-being Support: UK institutions offer mental health support, counselling services, and wellness activities.
  • Health Services: The National Health Service (NHS) provides mental health services, usually covered under health insurance.
  • Indian Networks: Numerous Indian student organizations and a large Indian community can provide support and cultural connection.


  • Counselling and Support: Irish universities offer counselling services, mental health support, and wellness programs.
  • Healthcare Provision: Mental health services are accessible and usually covered under health insurance plans.
  • Community Support: The growing Indian community and student organizations can offer support and cultural familiarity.


  • Mental Health Initiatives: Canadian universities provide mental health counselling, wellness programs, and support services.
  • Health Coverage: Mental health services are typically covered under provincial health plans or university health insurance.
  • Indian Community: A substantial Indian population offers a sense of community and support.

2. Maintaining Regular Communication:

  • Frequent Check-ins: Regular communication with children helps in understanding their mental state and offering support.
  • Open Dialogues: Encouraging open conversations about challenges and mental health can provide emotional support and understanding.

3. Leveraging University Resources:

  • Counselling Services: Encourage children to utilize university counselling and mental health services.
  • Wellness Programs: Participation in university wellness programs and activities can aid in maintaining mental well-being.

4. Collaborating with PFEC Global:

Ensuring the well-being and mental health of students abroad can be a complex task, but with PFEC Global, it becomes more manageable and assuring.

Why Choose PFEC Global?

  • Holistic Guidance: PFEC Global offers comprehensive guidance on mental health resources, support services, and well-being initiatives available in host countries.
  • Expert Counsel: Experienced counsellors at PFEC Global provide invaluable insights and advice on maintaining well-being and mental health while studying abroad.
  • Supportive Approach: PFEC Global provides continuous support and assistance, ensuring the well-being and mental health of students is prioritized.
  • Informed Decisions: With PFEC Global, parents and students can make informed decisions on leveraging available resources for maintaining mental health.


The mental health and well-being of Indian students abroad are paramount, and the availability of extensive resources and support in countries like Australia, USA, UK, Ireland, and Canada offer reassurance to Indian parents.

By choosing PFEC Global, parents are not just ensuring educational enrichment for their children; they are fostering environments of support, well-being, and comprehensive growth in a world full of opportunities.