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What are our child’s
rights as an
international student?

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What are our child’s rights as an international student? 8 Months ago

Understanding International Student Rights: Guiding Your Child through a Secure and Fulfilling Educational Journey Abroad

Embarking on an international education journey is a pivotal step in a student's life. For parents of Indian students aiming to study in countries like Australia, USA, UK, Ireland, and Canada, it is crucial to understand the rights that their children will have as international students. PFEC Global is here to elucidate the rights that international students hold, ensuring a safer and more rewarding educational experience abroad.

1. Right to Information:

All international students have the right to accurate and clear information about their chosen institution, course details, fees, and any other relevant details. They have the right to a transparent process from application to enrolment and throughout their academic journey.

Country-Specific Rights:


Students in Australia are protected under the ESOS Act, ensuring quality education and protection for international students. This Act grants students the right to receive accurate information about their courses, institutions, and fees before and during their study.


In the USA, international students have the right to be informed about the accreditation of their chosen institution, to ensure the recognition and quality of their education. They also have the right to clear information on course requirements, fees, and academic policies.


The UK upholds the rights of international students to receive quality education, timely and accurate information, and fair treatment, regardless of their background, under the Equality Act 2010.


Ireland ensures international students’ rights through the Code of Practice for Provision of Programmes to International Learners, protecting students’ interests and guaranteeing quality education.


International students in Canada have the right to receive clear and accurate information regarding their institutions and courses, protected by various provincial laws ensuring the quality of education and the protection of students’ rights.

Right to Work

2. Right to Work:

International students often have the right to work part-time during their studies and full-time during scheduled breaks, subject to the laws of the host country. Understanding the work rights in the respective countries is crucial for compliance and planning.

3. Health and Safety Rights:

Students have the right to a safe and secure environment both on and off-campus. They are entitled to health services and safety measures, including insurance, emergency services, and mental health support.

4. Non-Discrimination and Equal Treatment:

Every international student has the right to be treated fairly and without discrimination, regardless of their nationality, religion, gender, or background. They have the right to equal opportunities, support services, and legal protection against discrimination and harassment.

5. Right to Privacy:

International students have the right to privacy, including the confidentiality of their academic records, personal information, and any communication with the institution.

6. Academic Rights:

Students have the right to quality education, academic freedom, participation in academic activities, and access to resources, support, and grievance redressal mechanisms.

7. Post-Study Work Rights:

Many countries offer post-study work rights to international students, allowing them to work in the country after completing their studies, often leading to pathways for permanent residency.

8. Right to Legal Representation and Advice:

International students have the right to seek legal advice and representation in matters concerning their rights, visas, and any legal issues they might encounter during their stay.


Understanding and ensuring the rights of Indian students abroad is crucial for a secure and enriching international education experience. PFEC Global is dedicated to empowering parents with comprehensive knowledge and guidance, enabling them to safeguard their child's interests and rights in foreign lands.

Why Choose PFEC Global?

PFEC Global is your companion in navigating the complexities of international education. Our expert Education Counsellors offer meticulous guidance, ensuring that your child’s rights are upheld, and their international education journey is smooth, rewarding, and secure.

By choosing PFEC Global, parents can rest assured that their child’s aspirations are in reliable hands, paving the way for a future filled with possibilities and success.

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Remember, a knowledgeable approach to international student rights is the foundation for a fulfilling and worry-free educational journey abroad.