How can we stay connected and support our child from India during such situations? - PFEC

How can we stay
connected and
support our child
from India during
such situations?

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How can we stay connected and support our child from India during such situations? 8 Months ago

Staying Connected and Supportive: A Parent’s Guide from India

When a child pursues higher education abroad, parents naturally worry about staying connected and providing support, especially during challenging situations. Here, we address how parents of Indian students studying in Australia, USA, UK, Ireland, and Canada can remain engaged and supportive while their children are abroad.

1. Regular Communication:

In the digital age, staying in touch is easier than ever. Regular calls, video chats, and instant messaging help maintain strong family bonds.

2. Time Zone Consideration:

Understanding and respecting the time differences is crucial to avoid calling at inconvenient times and to schedule suitable times for communication.

Country-Specific Strategies:


  • Supportive Communities: Joining online forums and communities of Indian parents with children in Australia can offer support and insights.
  • University Parent Associations: Many universities have parent associations that provide information and support to parents.


  • Local Support Networks: Engage with local Indian communities and organizations that can offer support and assistance to students.
  • Involvement in University Activities: Stay informed and participate in university-parent events and activities.


  • Community Connection: Leveraging local Indian communities can help in staying informed about your child’s well-being and activities
  • Cultural Exchange: Engage in cultural exchange programs to understand the local culture and lifestyle better.


  • Parent Support Groups: Joining Canadian university parent support groups can offer insights and support.
  • Engagement in Student Life: Being actively involved in your child’s academic life can help in understanding their environment and challenges better.

3. Financial Support:

Understanding the costs involved and ensuring timely financial support is crucial. Familiarize yourself with the banking systems and money transfer options available.

4. Encouragement and Moral Support:

Regularly encourage your child, celebrate their achievements, and support them through their challenges.

5. Emotional Well-being:

Regular conversations about their experiences, challenges, and feelings help in understanding their emotional state and offering the needed support.

6. Emergency Support:

Have a clear plan and open lines of communication for any emergencies, ensuring your child knows they can count on you.

7. Traveling to Visit:

Plan visits, if possible, to understand their environment better, strengthen your bond, and offer direct support.

8. Legal and Administrative Support:

Help them navigate through visa renewals, legal obligations, and other administrative aspects by staying informed and offering guidance.

9. Cultural Adaptation Support:

Encourage them to embrace the new culture while staying connected to their roots, and support them in dealing with cultural shocks and adaptations.

10. Academic Support and Career Guidance:

Stay involved in their academic progress and career planning, offering advice and support where needed.


Staying connected and supportive to children studying abroad is paramount. The journey can be as rewarding for parents as it is for the students, fostering growth, independence, and global perspectives.

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