Will there be any cultural shock, and how can our child cope with it? - PFEC

Will there be any cultural
shock, and how can our
child cope with it?

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Will there be any cultural shock, and how can our child cope with it? 8 Months ago

Navigating Cultural Shock: A Compass for Indian Students Abroad

Embarking on an educational journey abroad is exhilarating, but the encounter with diverse cultures can also be a source of cultural shock for Indian students.

PFEC Global acknowledges these intricacies and is here to guide parents and students through this transformative journey, ensuring a balanced acclimation to new cultural environments.

1. Understanding Cultural Shock:

Cultural shock arises from the encounter with unfamiliar societal norms, behaviours, and everyday practices. It might manifest as anxiety, confusion, or homesickness.

For Indian students, the direct and individualistic communication style in the USA or the concept of 'personal space' prevalent in these countries can initially be perplexing.

2. Phases of Cultural Shock:

Cultural shock typically progresses through four stages:

  1. Honeymoon Phase: The initial excitement where differences are intriguing.
  2. Negotiation Phase: The realization of differences may lead to frustration and anxiety.
  3. Adjustment Phase: Gradual acclimation to the new culture occurs.
  4. Mastery Phase: A sense of comfort and competency in navigating the new culture is attained.

3. Strategies to Cope:

  1. Embrace Open-mindedness: Encourage your child to approach new experiences with curiosity and an open mind. Embracing local customs, traditions, and cuisines, like enjoying a barbeque in Australia or engaging in Thanksgiving celebrations in the USA, can facilitate cultural understanding and appreciation.
  2. Maintain Connection with Roots: Staying connected with Indian culture and values provides a grounding effect. Celebrating Indian festivals, cooking Indian food, and staying in touch with family and friends in India can offer emotional support and a sense of belonging.
  3. Learn the Local Language: For countries where English is not the primary language, learning the local language can aid in effective communication, fostering a sense of community and belonging.
  4. Leverage University Resources: Universities in these countries provide support services, including orientation programs, counselling services, and international student advisors, to aid in the adjustment process.
  5. Engage in Social Activities: Joining clubs, societies, or sports activities is an excellent way for students to meet new people, make friends, and integrate into the local community.

4. Creating a Supportive Environment:

  1. Regular Communication: Keeping open lines of communication with your child can help in discussing and resolving any issues or concerns they might have.
  2. Encourage Exploration: Encourage your child to explore the new city, learn its history, and participate in local events and festivals. Understanding the host country’s culture and lifestyle can alleviate feelings of alienation.
Importance of Professional Guidance

5. Importance of Professional Guidance:

Navigating through cultural shock requires not just familial support but also professional guidance. PFEC Global, with its dedicated team of counsellors, provides insights and support to Indian students, helping them understand and adjust to new cultural settings, ensuring their overall well-being and success in their academic endeavours.

Why Choose PFEC Global?

PFEC Global specializes in offering tailored solutions to Indian students, aiding them in assimilating culturally and academically in a foreign land. The wealth of experience and knowledge that our expert Education Counsellors bring is instrumental in smoothing the cultural transition process.


Cultural shock is a natural aspect of studying abroad, but with the right strategies, guidance, and support, it can transform into a learning experience, enriching the student’s life. PFEC Global is committed to assisting Indian students in this cultural transition, ensuring they reap the immense benefits of international education.

For holistic guidance on acclimating to new cultural landscapes, we invite parents to schedule a consultation with the expert Education Counsellors at PFEC Global. Together, let’s weave a path of cultural understanding and academic excellence for your child in their pursuit of global education.

Remember, understanding, and embracing a new culture doesn’t mean losing one’s own; it’s about growing into a global citizen who appreciates and respects diversity.