How can our child integrate into a new culture and make new friends? - PFEC

How can our child integrate
into a new culture and make
new friends?

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How can our child integrate into a new culture and make new friends? 8 Months ago

Integrating into a New Culture and Building Friendships: A Guide for Indian Students Abroad

Transitioning to a new country for higher studies is a journey filled with both excitement and apprehension. While the academic rigors are an evident challenge, integrating into an unfamiliar culture and building new relationships can often be a subtler, yet significant, hurdle.

PFEC Global understands these concerns of Indian parents and offers insights into helping their children acclimate culturally and socially in countries like Australia, USA, UK, Ireland, and Canada.

1. Openness to Cultural Experiences:

Understanding Cultural Differences: Each country, be it Australia with its laid-back vibe, the USA's melting pot culture, the UK's historical legacy, Ireland's warm-hearted people, or Canada's mosaic cultural framework, offers unique experiences. Indian students should start by understanding and respecting these differences while also appreciating the similarities.

Participation in Local Festivities: Engaging in local celebrations or events can be a great way to understand the culture and traditions of the host country. For instance, celebrating Thanksgiving in the USA or joining the St. Patrick's Day parade in Ireland can offer enriching experiences.

2. Leveraging University Resources:

Joining Student Clubs and Societies: Universities often host a variety of student clubs. For an Indian student in Australia, joining a cricket team or a dance troupe could be a way to bond over shared interests.

Orientation Programs: Universities in countries like Canada and the UK typically offer orientation programs designed to help international students adjust to their new environment. These programs often include cultural immersion sessions and opportunities to meet fellow students.

Networking and Building Relationships

3. Networking and Building Relationships:

Engaging in Group Activities: Collaborative activities, whether they're study groups in the USA or hiking clubs in Ireland, can be platforms for Indian students to interact with peers from diverse backgrounds.

Connecting with Fellow Indian Students: While it's essential to integrate into the new culture, connecting with fellow Indian students can provide a sense of familiarity and comfort. Many universities in countries like the UK and Australia have Indian student associations.

4. Communication is Key:

Language Proficiency: In English-speaking nations, language shouldn't be a significant barrier for Indian students. However, understanding local slang and expressions, be it the American 'y'all' or the Australian 'mate', can aid smoother communication.

Expressing and Sharing about Indian Culture: Sharing experiences from India, whether it's celebrating Diwali or making Indian cuisine, can be a great way for students to bond with international peers, making them ambassadors of their culture.

5. Embracing the Local Lifestyle:

Adapting to Local Etiquettes: Understanding local etiquettes, like tipping in the USA or queue etiquette in the UK, can assist in daily interactions.

Trying Local Cuisine: Food is a universal connector. Trying a traditional Canadian poutine or an Irish stew not only satiates the taste buds but also acts as a conversation starter.

6. Seek Support When Needed:

Utilizing University Counselling Services: Should students feel overwhelmed, most universities in these countries offer counselling services, ensuring students' well-being both mentally and socially.

Connecting with PFEC Global Alumni: Engaging with former students who have traversed similar journeys can provide practical insights and a sense of assurance.

Why Trust PFEC Global?

Ensuring your child's smooth transition to a new country requires not just academic guidance but also cultural and social mentorship. PFEC Global, through its extensive experience, has expert Education Counsellors well-versed in the challenges Indian students face abroad.


Integrating into a new culture and building relationships is an evolving journey. With openness, understanding, and the right guidance, Indian students can enrich their overseas education experience both academically and culturally.

For a tailored strategy that ensures your child's smooth cultural transition, we encourage parents to book a consultation with PFEC Global’s expert Education Counsellors. Together, let's craft a journey that's academically rewarding and culturally enriching.