Is it a good idea to apply
to study abroad through
educational consultancy or
should I directly contact
the university?

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Is it a good idea to apply to study abroad through educational consultancy or should I directly contact the university? 3 Months ago

You might wonder whether to approach a consultancy or directly contact universities for studying abroad. Let's shed some light on this important decision!

Education Consultancy: Collaborating with an experienced consultancy like PFEC Global provides numerous benefits. We offer expert guidance tailored to your unique aspirations, helping you navigate the complex admission process, scholarships, and visa requirements. We have established partnerships with prestigious universities, ensuring personalized support and access to a wide range of options.


You are not required to pay any consultation fee to the genuine education consultants like PFEC Global.

Direct Contact: While some students opt for direct communication with universities, it's crucial to consider the challenges that may arise. Managing the entire process independently requires extensive research, understanding of specific admission criteria, and staying updated with university policies. It can be time-consuming and overwhelming without proper guidance.

Why Choose an Education Consultancy?

1. Expertise: Education consultancies like PFEC Global have in-depth knowledge and experience in the study abroad domain. We can provide comprehensive guidance, helping you select the right university, course, and country based on your preferences , financial capability and goals.

2. Simplified Process: We streamline the application process, ensuring all required documents are meticulously prepared. We assist in crafting an impactful Statement of Purpose, maximizing your chances of acceptance.

3. Scholarship Opportunities: Our consultancies have valuable insights into scholarships and financial aid opportunities, helping you secure the best options to ease the financial burden.

4. Visa Support: Navigating the visa process can be complex. Education consultancies guide you through visa requirements, offer personalized assistance, and help you prepare a strong visa application.

5. Network and Connections: Consultancies like PFEC Global have established networks with universities, admissions officers, and alumni. These connections provide valuable resources and open doors for future collaborations and career opportunities.

Make the Wise Choice!

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