Will the return on investment be worthwhile in terms of career advancement and financial stability? - PFEC

Will the return on investment
be worthwhile in terms of
career advancement and
financial stability?

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Will the return on investment be worthwhile in terms of career advancement and financial stability? 8 Months ago

Evaluating Return on Investment for Indian Students Abroad: A Balanced Perspective

Indian parents contemplating their child’s higher education abroad often find themselves weighing the prospects of Return on Investment (ROI). This decision is multifaceted, encompassing career advancement, financial stability, and long-term gains.

PFEC Global, with its seasoned counsellors, elucidates this complex terrain, focusing on Australia, USA, UK, Ireland, and Canada.

1. Understanding ROI in Education:

ROI in education refers to the gains students achieve in relation to the investment made in their education, considering factors like tuition fees, living expenses, and potential earning after graduation.

2. Country-Wise ROI Analysis:

  • Australia: Australia’s robust education system and post-study work opportunities make it an attractive destination. Graduates can expect an average salary of AUD 60,000 annually, promising a balanced ROI given the high standard of living and quality of education.
  • USA: The USA, with its top-ranking universities and diverse job market, promises substantial ROI. Salaries for graduates start, on average, at USD 50,000 per year, with prospects for rapid career advancement in sectors like technology and finance.
  • UK: UK institutions, known for their research-oriented approach, offer graduates an average starting salary of £30,000 p.a. The country’s strong industrial base and expansive job market ensure promising ROI for students.
  • Ireland: Ireland, with its booming IT and pharmaceutical sectors, provides graduates with an average starting salary of €30,000 p.a, translating to a satisfactory ROI given the nation’s thriving job market and quality of life.
  • Canada: Canada’s friendly immigration policies and diverse economy offer graduates a median annual salary of CAD 50,000, providing a balanced ROI due to high living standards and a resilient job market.
Career Advancement and Financial Stability

3. Career Advancement and Financial Stability:

A degree from a reputed international institution escalates career advancement. It enhances employability, enables access to high-paying jobs, and fosters financial stability.

Moreover, global exposure and diversified skill sets acquired overseas are highly valued by employers in India and globally, offering a competitive edge in the job market.

4. Long-Term Gains:

Beyond immediate financial gains, international education enriches individuals with a global perspective, cultural intelligence, and a network of international connections, translating to intangible ROI that is invaluable in personal and professional realms.

5. Scholarship and Financial Aid:

Securing scholarships and financial aid significantly improves ROI by reducing the financial burden. Each country offers a variety of scholarships and aid, and leveraging these opportunities is crucial for maximizing ROI.

6. Future in India:

For those returning to India, an international degree can open doors to premier job positions and elevate career trajectories, given the high regard for foreign education in the Indian job market.

Why PFEC Global?

PFEC Global stands as a beacon of trust and expertise, guiding parents and students in navigating the intricate landscape of international education and its ROI. Our counsellors provide meticulous guidance on selecting countries, universities, and courses aligning with career goals and financial considerations.


Investing in international education is a significant decision involving careful consideration of ROI in terms of career progression, financial gains, and overall development. While the financial investment is substantial, the multifaceted returns—ranging from career advancement, international exposure, to personal growth—are profound.

The tangible and intangible gains acquired through international education significantly enhance one’s life and career, promising a future marked by success and fulfilment.

PFEC Global is dedicated to assisting students and parents in making informed decisions, ensuring the journey overseas is fruitful and aligned with their aspirations.

Parents keen on exploring more about international education and its returns are encouraged to book a consultation with the expert Education Counsellors at PFEC Global. Together, let’s chart a path to a rewarding international education experience, optimizing returns and fostering success and contentment.

Remember, a well-informed decision today can lead to a future filled with accomplishments and financial prosperity.