How will international
education enhance our
child’s career prospects
in India if they decide
to return?

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How will international education enhance our child’s career prospects in India if they decide to return? 4 Months ago

Enhancing Career Prospects in India Through International Education: A Comprehensive Guide for Indian Parents

In a globalized world, international education is considered a ladder to enhanced career prospects.

For Indian students aspiring to study in Australia, USA, UK, Ireland, or Canada, the pivotal question from parents is how international education can augment their child’s career prospects if they choose to return to India.

This guide by PFEC Global answers this query with rich data and insights, highlighting the advantages of international education even if the students decide to return to India.

1. Internationally Recognized Qualifications

Having a degree from a renowned international university is a significant asset. It is highly valued by employers in India, often seen as a testament to the candidate’s exposure to global standards of education, diverse cultures, and advanced curricula, making them stand out in the competitive Indian job market.

2. Diverse Skillset and Enhanced Knowledge Base

International education fosters the development of a diverse skillset and a broader knowledge base, honed by exposure to varied teaching methodologies, practical learning approaches, and interaction with a global peer group.

3. Specialized Fields and Cutting-Edge Technologies

Studying abroad provides access to specialized fields and cutting-edge technologies that might be unavailable or nascent in India. This specialized knowledge and exposure can significantly enhance career prospects in India, especially in sectors like Technology, Biotechnology, Renewable Energy, and Advanced Manufacturing.

4. Boost in Employment Opportunities

Employers in India often perceive international graduates as having advanced technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and a global perspective, making them ideal candidates for leading roles in multinationals and prominent Indian companies.

5. Development of Soft Skills and Personality

The experience of living and studying abroad greatly contributes to the development of soft skills such as communication, adaptability, time-management, and interpersonal skills. Enhanced personality and soft skills are valued assets in any workplace, often leading to faster career progression and leadership roles.

6. Enhanced Earning Potential

International graduates often command higher starting salaries compared to their counterparts with local degrees, owing to the perceived value of international education and the diverse skillset acquired. The enhanced earning potential is especially pronounced in sectors such as IT, Finance, and Consulting.

7. Networking Opportunities

The global networks formed during international studies are invaluable. They can open up opportunities for collaborations, partnerships, and employment, acting as a catalyst in career advancement. Having a robust international network can be particularly advantageous in sectors like Business, Academia, and Research.

8. Entrepreneurial Opportunities

The exposure to international markets, business practices, and innovation ecosystems can spark entrepreneurial ventures upon return to India. The global perspective gained can help in identifying market gaps, leveraging international networks, and implementing best practices in their ventures.

9. Positive Impact on Career Progression

International education often accelerates career progression. The combination of specialized knowledge, diverse skills, and a global perspective can lead to rapid advancements, leadership roles, and opportunities to spearhead new initiatives within organizations.

10. Reputation and Personal Branding

An international degree adds significant value to one’s resume and personal brand. It is seen as an indicator of merit, ambition, and global exposure, contributing to a positive reputation within professional circles.


International education not only broadens horizons but significantly enhances career prospects in India, if students decide to return. The advantages of an international degree, such as a diverse skillset, specialized knowledge, and global exposure, are highly valued by employers in India, leading to elevated career trajectories and enhanced earning potentials.

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