What are the accommodation options available, and how can we secure good accommodation for our child? - PFEC

What are the accommodation
options available, and how
can we secure good
accommodation for
our child?

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What are the accommodation options available, and how can we secure good accommodation for our child? 8 Months ago

Navigating Accommodation Options for Indian Students Abroad: A Guide by PFEC Global

Indian students, when they choose to study in countries like Australia, USA, UK, Ireland, and Canada, face the challenge of securing suitable accommodation.

Here, we present an extensive guide on the variety of accommodation options available, country by country, and how PFEC Global can assist in securing the best accommodation for your child.

1. Australia:

  • Options Available:
    • On-Campus Accommodation: Many universities offer residential halls, colleges, or apartments.
    • Off-Campus Accommodation: Rental apartments, share houses, and homestays are popular.
    • Purpose-Built Student Accommodations (PBSA): Fully-furnished, managed properties designed for students.
  • Process:
    • Research thoroughly, inspect properties, and finalize leases before arriving in Australia.
    • Consider proximity to university, rent, facilities, and contract terms.

2. USA:

  • Options Available:
    • On-Campus Housing: Dormitories or residence halls are common, with meal plans often included.
    • Off-Campus Housing: Renting apartments, house sharing, or staying with host families.
    • University-Affiliated Housing: Often located off-campus but managed by the university.
    • Process:
      • Contact the university’s housing office or use university-affiliated housing websites.
      • Carefully review the lease agreement, considering rent, utilities, and lease duration.

    3. UK:

    • Options Available:
      • University Accommodation: Halls of residence, usually with a choice of catered or self-catered.
      • Private Student Accommodation: Managed by private companies, offering en-suite rooms or studios.
      • Private Rentals: Renting a house or flat independently or sharing with friends.
      • Process:
        • Apply early for university accommodation, especially for the first year.
        • Use accredited websites and agencies for private rentals and read the tenancy agreement attentively.

      4. Ireland:

      • Options Available:
        • On-Campus Accommodation: Limited but convenient, often in high demand.
        • Private Student Accommodation: Offered by private companies with modern amenities.
        • Rental Accommodation: Shared houses, apartments, and flat rentals.
        • Process:
          • Early applications are recommended for on-campus accommodation due to limited availability.
          • Utilize university accommodation services and trusted online portals for rentals.

        5. Canada:

        • Options Available:
          • University Residences: Dormitory-style or apartment-style accommodations, often with meal plans.
          • Off-Campus Housing: Renting apartments, condos, or houses.
          • Homestays: Living with a local family, usually with meals included.
          • Process:
            • Apply as soon as possible for university residences.
            • Use verified online rental listings and consider proximity, rent, and utilities when choosing off-campus housing.

          Factors to Consider:

          • Budget: Understand the cost of living in the chosen country and city and allocate a budget accordingly.

          • Location: Proximity to the university, public transport, and local amenities is crucial.

          • Facilities: Consider the availability of facilities like laundry, Wi-Fi, and kitchen amenities.

          • Contract Terms: Review the lease terms, duration, and conditions before finalizing.

          How PFEC Global Can Assist

          How PFEC Global Can Assist:

          PFEC Global can assist Indian students and their parents in navigating through the myriad of accommodation options available and securing the most suitable one. Our expert counsellors offer guidance on:

          • Understanding the accommodation landscape in the chosen country and city.

          • Identifying suitable options based on individual preferences, budget, and university location.

          • Assisting with the application process for on-campus and university-affiliated accommodations.

          • Providing information on reliable platforms for off-campus housing searches and advice on rental agreements.


          Securing the right accommodation is crucial for a comfortable and successful study abroad experience. Considering the options available, understanding the processes involved, and making informed decisions are paramount.

          PFEC Global stands as a reliable partner for Indian students and their parents in this journey, offering comprehensive support and expert advice to ensure that students find a home away from home in their chosen country.

          Why Consider PFEC Global?

          PFEC Global specializes in offering end-to-end guidance to Indian students aspiring to study abroad. By booking a consultation with our expert Education Counsellors, parents and students can receive tailored advice and support in every step of the study abroad journey, from university and course selection to accommodation and visa assistance.

          Let PFEC Global be your trusted companion in paving the path to international education and unlocking a world of opportunities for your child.