What are the job opportunities
available after completing
the course?

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What are the job opportunities available after completing the course? 4 Months ago

Post-Study Job Opportunities: A Comprehensive Guide for Indian Parents

The quest for superior job prospects is a substantial motivating factor for Indian students pursuing higher education in Australia, USA, UK, Ireland, and Canada. Understanding the post-study job landscape in these countries is crucial for parents to make informed decisions.

In this article, we delve into the specifics of job opportunities in each country and discuss how PFEC Global can be your guiding star in this journey.

1. Post-Study Job Landscape by Country:


  • Job Market: Australia’s job market is quite diverse, with sectors like Healthcare, Information Technology, and Engineering experiencing consistent growth.
  • Stay Back: Students can avail Post-Study Work Visa (subclass 485) allowing them to stay back for 2-4 years depending on their qualification level.
  • Salary Expectation: The average starting salary for graduates is around AUD 60,000 per annum, varying with the field of work.


  • Job Market: The USA has a dynamic job market with myriad opportunities in Technology, Finance, Healthcare, and more.
  • Stay Back: Optional Practical Training (OPT) allows students to stay back and work for up to 12 months, and STEM graduates get an additional 24 months.
  • Salary Expectation: The median annual salary for new graduates in the USA is around $50,000 but can go significantly higher in fields like IT and Finance.


  • Job Market: The UK offers diverse job opportunities, particularly in sectors like Finance, Engineering, and Information Technology.
  • Stay Back: The Graduate Route allows students to stay back for 2 years after completing their studies, or 3 years for doctoral students, to seek employment.
  • Salary Expectation:The average starting salary for graduates in the UK is around £30,000 per annum, with variations depending on the sector and location.


  • Job Market: Ireland’s job market is burgeoning, especially in the Technology, Pharmaceuticals, and Financial Services sectors.
  • Stay Back: The Third Level Graduate Programme permits graduates to stay in Ireland for 12-24 months to seek employment.
  • Salary Expectation: Graduates can expect an average starting salary of around €30,000 per year, with variations based on industry and role.


  • Job Market: Canada has a robust job market with plentiful opportunities in Technology, Healthcare, and Natural Resources sectors.
  • Stay Back:The Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP) allows students to stay back for the duration of their study program, up to a maximum of 3 years.
  • Salary Expectation: The median starting salary for new graduates in Canada is around CAD 55,000 per annum, subject to variation by field and province.

Why Choose PFEC Global?

  • Expert Advice: PFEC Global provides expert counsel, enabling students and parents to understand and explore the post-study job landscape in various countries efficiently.
  • In-depth Insights: With PFEC Global, students and parents gain extensive knowledge of the sectors in demand, stay-back options, and salary expectations in the host country.
  • Holistic Guidance: From exploring job opportunities to understanding work rights, PFEC Global offers comprehensive guidance to students and parents.
  • Empowerment through Knowledge: PFEC Global empowers students and parents with the requisite knowledge, enabling them to make informed and wise decisions regarding post-study employment opportunities.


Navigating post-study job opportunities is a significant concern for Indian parents whose children aspire to study in Australia, USA, UK, Ireland, or Canada.

By choosing PFEC Global, you align with a partner who provides meticulous insights, unwavering support, and holistic guidance throughout the journey.

Secure a prosperous future for your child by booking a consultation with the expert Education Counsellors of PFEC Global, and step into a world of opportunities with clarity and confidence.